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U.S. Cider Command

The Class

The class is $399.00 and will cover 4 classes over a 15 DAY PERIOD.

Class 1 (day 1) Cleaning and Fermenting

Class 2 (day 9) Cleaning and Flavoring

Class 3 (day 11) Cleaning and Carbonation

Class 4 (day 15)  Cleaning and Bottling

*each class is roughly 1 to 1.5 hours long

We will supply the ingredients.


We will supply the equipment.


We will supply the knowledge.


At the end  you will take home 14 to 16 bottles of the Hard Cider YOU MADE!

The Full Story

U.S. Cider Command was an idea created from misfortune. I have been making cider for 5 years now and I have always loved sharing the product with friends, family, and co-workers. They loved it! Who doesn't love free alcohol? :-)

   Then questions started:

- Do you really make this at home?

- Does it take long?

- What do you use?

- How do you come up with these flavors?

- Can I come over and make some?

- I don't like cider but yours is delicious!

  So we decided to create this class. If you are looking for the chemical formulas and book smart class... THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! If you are looking to learn  to make YOUR OWN HARD CIDER from juice to hooch then THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU! Along the way we will:

- Taste different variations of hard ciders

- Talk about the proper cleaning of home equipment

- Discuss the fun history of Cider and America

- Make your own hard cider for you to take home.... The Knowledge and the product is YOURS!!

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