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Cider Class

Cider Class

The class is $399.00 and will cover 4 classes over a 15 DAY PERIOD.

Class 1 (day 1) Cleaning and Fermenting

Class 2 (day 9) Cleaning and Flavoring

Class 3 (day 11) Cleaning and Carbonation

Class 4 (day 15)  Cleaning and Bottling

  • Things to know!

    - Must be over 21 years of age.

    - We will schedule the class with you.

    - Giuliary Ciders will supply the equipment and ingredients.

    - Missing of any of the 4 classes will affect  the final product because fermentation waits for no one. :-)

    - After order is placed I will contact you by email to schedule the classes.

    - Email us if you have any questions about the class...


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